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We at Design Events specialize in transforming event spaces into whatever our clients need. Whether it's a corporate event or an elaborate wedding, we cover it and dedicate our time to understanding the clients vision.

The process with our clients starts with our initial consultation where we discuss your vision. What you like and dislike and the vibe you would like to curate for your event.
Secondly we discuss your budget and what is most important in budget allocation.
Thirdly our team curates a design template and runs it by you to give you the chance to add or remove anything that you do not like.

Last, but not least, we start creating the magic that will be an unforgettable event.



From initial consultation to using a combination of floral installations, Atlanta florist designers, Atlanta balloon decor, Atlanta lighting, and Atlanta furniture rental, we build sets customizable to each individual client. We take over and handle the hard details so that you as the client can just relax and enjoy the moment. What makes this company stand out from other companies is that we are not afraid to take on new challenges.  Bring on the hanging floral installations, bring on the floral walkways, bring on the baby's breath clouds and the moss mountains! Whatever it is, we can create.



From corporate galas to new product launches we decorate events of all magnitude. Our creative designers help from start to finish, from finding the appropriate vendors to building your company's dream event. Let experts take over the tedious process of decorating a corporate or special event.



“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to Take away.”

-Antonine de Saint-Exupéry

floral ground cover, candles, serpentine table, ghost chairs, gold rim charger plates

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